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'New Wave Theater' Piece at Open Space
by Merle Ginsberg November 23rd, 1978
Soho Weekly News


Peter Rose, a young man who grew up in New York, has a lot to communicate and many ways of doing it. His "green and yellow world" includes boats that fold up, strings of cars that are cut down, time pieces that are smashed-every image that is set up for expression is gotten rid of quickly.

In Peter's urban world, blades are flowers (they are colored green and yellow), trees consisting of ironing board legs in a trash can, love is compared to cleaning a kitchen, and in the last piece, a boy who enters a mental hospital returns to become a fulltime employee of the institution? Is this growing up in New York?

Or is it all connected to a large movement which has gone from underground to almost mainstream in the last few years? In music, it's being referred to as the 'New Wave -music that destroys the complication of what has accumulated in the past and starts new with the barest, simplest elements of Rock 'n Roll. What's left is the pure excitement, the feeling of the music and the performer.

Peter Rose makes use of some New Wave music in his present work, Eno, The Talking Heads; he even does a mystic hop to the Ramones; a jerky schizophrenic representation of the body mind split that defines our present culture. What makes his work 'New Wave Theatre' is his cutting down of the images he sets up-what is left is a theatre of the moment, a realization, a healing of the split since Rose doesn't leave anything left to separate his audience from himself.

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