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The Dialogues introduce, embrace, fracture, animate and enhance true experiences in life. Osterhage and Rose bring scintillating focus to the major issues of the day: Panic Centers For Mature Artists, A Par 3 Life, The Heimlich Maneuver for Emotional Choking, The Art Goddess Option, Demographic Dyslexia and more…

Downtown Los Angeles, 1988


1988 LACE Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibition, L.A.
1988 The Powerhouse Theatre, Santa Monica, CA
1989 Highways Performance Space, Santa Monica, CA

play text

The L.A. Dialogues (1-3) 1988 - 89
by Lin Osterhage and Peter Rose

"Working alone together tonight"
The L.A. Dialogues (1) National Artist's Organization Event
Los Angeles, September, 1988

"Intimate Strangers"
The L.A. Dialogues (2) Powerhouse Theatre
Santa Monica, California, 1988

"Nature World: A Fertile Dialogue"
The L.A. Dialogues (3) for Highways Performance Space
Santa Monica, California, May 6th, 1989



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