Performing Training in Nature - Active Culture


Heidensee/Kolberg am Wolziger See - Unter den Fichten 1, 15754 Heidensee/Kolberg


2 Sessions:

  • Monday, July 26th - Friday, July 30th, 2010
  • Monday, August 9th - Friday, August 13th, 2010

Heidensee/Kolberg is a village on Wolziger See in Brandenburg where you will stay on a property in nature. There is a small house with hot and cold running water, electricity, full bathroom - shower facilities and cooking facilities inside and out (grill).

All participants are required to assist in running the work: cleaning, preparing meals, organizing projects and maintaining an ecological sensitivity and practice. Participants are students of practical works for the agreed periods of work/visit.

There are no observers or audience. We meet the rhythms and elements in nature.

A practical meditation as a service to the meeting of one's life. Work actions will concentrate on physical and vocal training in the landscape and exploratory performance actions in an enclosed setting.

Participants need supply a tent, personal effects for length of stay. This includes sturdy loose-fitting work clothes, a bathing suit and towel. Participants need be insured.

Participants first meet at Performer Training in Berlin Studio: Der Gelbe Raum Mariannenstr. 48, 10997 Kreuzberg


“There is a point at which discovers that it is possible to reduce oneself to the man, to the man as he is, not to his mask, not to his role, not to his game, not to his dodging around, not to his image of herself, not to his clothing - only to him. And further: this reduction to the human being is possible only in relation to a being other than I.” Grotowski, 1975